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Place Above The Furniture

        When placing art above furniture such as sofas, chair groupings or console tables, the amount of space between the furniture and the ceiling is very important, make sure the picture is at the eye level and then allocate 2/3's of that space for pictures. Hanging a picture of shree Krishna too high above a piece of furniture can leave you disconnected to the feeling of oneness with the God. A good guideline is to place the picture 5-9 inches above the furniture so that when looked at it, it can make one feel the warmth and presence of the God as the picture is at the eye level.

Grouping Together

        Tightly grouping of an even number of pictures is used to balance a large space, such as a high wall in a room with vaulted ceilings or a small space, such as a small kitchen or a tight stair landing, to give a window effect. Enhance the effect by using light colors and slender frames. In both cases, the trick to evenly numbered collections is tight grouping. If such an arrangment is used to group the pictures of Shree Krishna Leela together one can feel the presence of Gokul(Shree Krishna's childhood place) right in the home. A huge wall can seem to be playful ground of Krishna and if it is small space this arrangement will make one feel the presence of Krishna at that particular spot, which could help create a concentration and focus ones mind and be one with the lord.

Fill Up The Wall

        If one has oversized furniture, this kind of arrangment keeps a nice balance. For visual weight, consider a grouping of 2 or 3 prints of Radha Krishna that carry strong visual weight through color or a wider moulding and mat combination. This type of arrangment will not make the room mechanical but will brighten and lift up ones spirits with the presence of bountiful pictures of Radha Krishna, even with heavy furniture around in the room.

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