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First of it's kind Paintings

        Kalanidhi is proud to present first of it's kind spiritual paintings. Paintings potraying Hindu religion and spirituality has never been created digitally with such high quality and sharpness makes our paintings first of it's kind. Besides being totally inspired by the rich traditional Indian art, the liveliness, richness and quality of our painitings are unmatched.

Get the devine experience

        Whether it's your Pooja room, house, office or business space our paintings are perfect to make them more devine and classy. Testimonies from our customers suggests that being close to such lively paintings of Lord Krishna is a real spiritual healing experience. With our huge collection of highly artistic real life paintings which can be presented on a wide selection of media, you have a plenty off to choose from.

Story behind the paintings

        These paintings are result of enormous amount of effort and years of hardwork. In order to put the soul in the paintings we went into an extensive amount of research by going through Hindu litreratures, books, paintings and ancient scriptures. We hosted thoughtful conversations with Religious Gurus, scholars, Honourable Goswamijis and Saints to make sure that the depiction of life in our paintings matches the one mentioned in the religious scriptures of Hinduism.
        Using the state of the art digital technology we have succeeded in creating the paintings with unbelievable quality, charming colors and microscopic details.

Meet Our Artist

        D.S.Patel an art master from prestigious C.N. College of Arts in Ahmedabad,India brings over 25 years of experience in visual art and classical Indian art. From his early days of teaching position at Fine arts College in Dholka,India to successfully running business of professional photography and videography in India and USA, he has pioneered the art of creating classical Indian religious paintings. Though he is the master of painting using brush and paper, Mr. D.S.Patel has been always fascinated by use of alternative media to create paintings. Paintings created only by light which he calls "Darkroom paintings" caught a tremendous attention throughout 90's. His exhibitions displaying religious paintings, darkroom paintings and abstract paintings has been widely recognized in India and USA. Now he is back with digital paintings by venturing on digital technology to create such masterpieces of spiritual paintings.

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